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Artistic Composite Urns

Each original Artistic Composite Urn sculpture is an artist's lost wax hand-sculpted creation. These designs were created to showcase in a glass niche or in a place of honor in your home. Medium urns can be used for a child or infant as well as keeping a portion or your loved one's cremated remains. Both sizes have a secure plate on the bottom that opens for loading.

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Artistic Composite Urns: Angels & More

Artistic cremation urns provide an attractive and personalized resting place. When loved ones pass away, composite urns offer a high-quality and secure alternative to marble or brass cremation urns. Each urn is carefully crafted from a resin mold of exquisite detail, while hand painting gives the finishing touch. Accessed from the base, these unique urns are securely closed to protect the ashes or memento of your loved one.

Our composite urns are suitable for both adults and children. Medium-size urns, intended for children's remains or as a keepsake, on average hold 40 cubic inches. Large urns hold approximately 210 to 220 cubic inches of cremated remains. Angel urns are constructed of beautiful white resin with minimal hand painting for an elegant finish. These urns, available in medium and large sizes, are presented as figurine or colonnade pieces.

The various manufacturers we use are extremely reputable and have a long history of expertise in the funeral business.