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Human Cremation Urns are vessels or containers that are used to keep the remains of a loved one. We have a large selection of urns of different sizes and styles to choose from.

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    Urn Customization and Personalization
  • Cemetery Burial Urns

    Cremation urns are a beautiful way to honor final wishes. Our products feature polished surfaces and attractive patterns designed to create a harmonious resting environment. Our products are also appropriate as burial urns for pets. Sealed urns, containing your loved one's ashes, are placed underground with great care. If the cemetery, or your own personal preference requires extra urn protection, outer vaults should be considered as well. Vaults are structurally designed to protect urns from moisture and weight after final interment.

    We offer brass and cultured marble burial urns for ashes in varying sizes. Each handmade brass urn includes a durable screw down lid for secure housing. In addition, felt lining across the bottom gives respectful comfort to each individual's ashes. Cultured marble urns for burial provide an unparalleled beauty and enduring presence when placed in the ground. A cemetery urn is as unique as the person was in life.

    All of our products are new, direct from the manufacturer, and of the finest quality. We do not sell seconds or end lots.

    Contact us at: sales@memorialblessings.com

  • Infant/Child Urns

    Precious Child and Infant Urns

    At Memorial Blessings, we understand that choosing infant urns is a personally challenging task. When you browse our supply of child urns for burial, we help you make this difficult decision by creating a rich variety of urns for infants that introduces a number of ideas that you are sure to find convenient. Completing this ritual of scattering or keeping the ashes of your loved one can help begin the healing process by knowing there’s still a memento of them surrounding you.

    Our child cremation urns come in all colors and sizes, and we make elegance a priority. The selection you can find on our easy-to-navigate website is created with artistic mastery in design. From soft pinks and blues to small keepsakes, we have what you are looking for and more. Although your time together on this earth was short, our baby urns make it possible to forever memorialize the life lost.

    Contact us at: sales@memorialblessings.com
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