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Scattering Urns for Ashes

Scattering Urns offer a unique and memorable way to honor your loved ones, by helping you to distribute cremated ashes in a significant location. Whether you’re scattering remains at one or multiple locations, on land or at sea, scattering tubes for ashes provide an easy, safe, and protective experience.
Cremation scattering tubes allow for multiple family members and friends to take part in the memorial process. With eco-friendly options such as biodegradable urns and water-soluble materials, these urns are suitable for virtually any location.

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How & Where to Scatter Ashes

Types of Ash Scattering

When most people imagine the scattering of ashes, they tend to picture what's referred to as "casting". Although you may only recently have become familiar with this idea, the casting of ashes has been part of ceremonial burials for thousands of years and is still an integral part of the burial process.

You may choose to cast ashes out to sea, into the mountains or in your own backyard. Casting is a symbolic gesture to convey letting go and freeing the spirit.

Don't let this popular way of ash scattering limit your ideas for the perfect memorial. Scattering urns or tubes can also be used to create garden beds or be incorporated into fresh soil for a new tree. A biodegradable scattering urn can be buried nearly anywhere or simply set afloat in the ocean.
Whether you cast, scatter, bury or plant, this memorial process will allow you to fulfill your loved ones' final wishes and reconnect with the natural world without impacting the environment.

Where to Scatter Ashes

There are a variety of places you can scatter your loved ones’ ashes.
When planning your remembrance at sea, you must be at least three nautical miles away from land. When planning scattering services on land, be mindful that a permit may be required at National Parks and public lands.
Environmental impact areas and high-traffic trails may not permit scattering remains, so check in with the Chief Park Ranger or city ordinance before doing so. To scatter remains on private property, such as private land, amusement parks, or stadiums, you must have the written expressed consent of the land owner or appropriate proxy.

Many people choose to set aside a small fraction of ashes destined for scattering, to remain with the family. These can be added to garden memorials, jewelry pendants designed for ashes or small keepsake urns.

A Typical Ceremony

Although there are laws to help regulate how and where ashes can be scattered on land and at sea, how you perform your ceremony is completely up to you. Paying your final respects to a friend, family member or loved one is anything but typical. There is no right or wrong way to conduct a funeral ceremony.
Most ceremonies often contain a brief speech or poetry reading, as well as music. Some families prefer to speak directly from the heart while others will recite meaningful passages. Include personal and honest memories, and consider handing out small keepsakes such as photos to your guests.

Honor your loved one in the place, or places, they loved most with family and friends. We are proud to offer our customers free shipping on all of our scattering urns and tubes. Please reach out with any questions so we may guide you to the best product for your chosen service.