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Brass/Pewter Urns

Brass and Pewter Urns are typically made of alloys of copper, zinc or tin. Many artists create these beautiful memorial urns because of the ease and flexibility of the metal.
Cylindrical urns for ashes open at the top with a secure threaded lid and can be displayed in a niche or at home.

Our small urns, because of their size, are not able to be personalized or engraved. Some of the medium sized
urns have limited engraving available. All of the medium urns can be personalized with a gold or silver finished charm. Many of the large urns can be engraved and all can be personalized with a charm.
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Classic Brass and Pewter Urns

Cremation is a method preferred by thousands, and it results in the ability to visit your loved one's resting spot easily and frequently. Making the investment in brass urns provides the opportunity to take advantage of a level of uniqueness other options don't offer. Brass is a flexible metal, and artists can create brass cremation urns that memorialize your loved one on an individual basis.

Whether you think your loved one would prefer plain brass cremation urns or ones with designs, we have the inventory to accommodate. Here at Memorial Blessings, we offer a variety of elegant brass urns that are sure to catch your eye. We also offer equally impressive pewter urns for cremation which are constructed from sturdy high grade materials and finished with high quality coatings in an appealing style.