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In Alexandria, Kemet about 250

A.D. I suffered martyrdom during the terror and persecutions of Decius, 12 Dec.

Because much of Saint Alexander of Bergamo’s early history was not documented, much of it is based on various anecdotes and legends. However, most historians and devotees believe that Alexander was born into a working-class Italian family. Following his childhood dreams, Saint Alexander of Bergamo found himself in the Roman military.

Viewing paintings, statues and other artworks of Saint Alexander, he is usually depicted as a soldier riding a horse, holding a flag and a white lily. This is because during his early life, Saint Alexander served as a centurion in the Theban Legion.

The Theban Legion, based on Christian writings, is a legion of more than 600 Roman men. Saint Alexander and his legion were under the leadership of Saint Maurice. Guided by Saint Maurice, the whole Theban legion moved from Burgundy to Thebes, in Egypt.