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Other Names:
Saint Alexandra of Old Rome, Saint Alexandra of Amisus, The Martyr Empress Alexandra, Defender of Humanity
Date of Birth:
c. 451
Date of Death:
April 21, 303
Feast Day:
April 23

Saint Alexandra is heavily mentioned in “The Martyrdom of Saint George”, a text written immediately after Saint George’s demise.
She is known for showing her respect for Saint George before his execution. In turn, her display of faith and respect was the cause of her immediate death.

I am a maidservant and hermitess. For 10 years, I lived in a tomb with food and drink delivered to me by one kind woman. In penance, I wished to see no one. A man previously had been lustful because of God’s visage gift to me. Spinning flax, I prayed from early morning, until hour nine, meditating on the lives, teachings, and examples of the apostles, martyrs, patriarchs, and prophets. Melania the Elder visited me, but I did not see her. We only spoke. I died sleeping, 15 Sept.