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Other Names:
San Bartolome, Nathanael bar Tolomai, Bartholomew the Apostle, Nathanael the Apostle, Nathaniel of Cana
Date of Birth:
First Century AD
Date of Death:
First Century AD
Feast Day:
August 24

Originally bearing the name Nathanael, the Gospels often refer to him as Bartholomew and Nathanael.
Saint Bartholomew was one of the witnesses during Jesus’ Ascension.
Old records show that Saint Bartholomew traveled to Asia Minor, including India and Armenia to preach the teaching of Jesus.

from Wikipedia

Bartholomew was one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus, and is usually identified as Nathaniel (alternate spelling: Nathanael)[1] (mentioned in the first chapter of John's Gospel). He was introduced to Christ through St. Philip, another of the twelve apostles as per (John 1:43-51), where the name Nathaniel first appears. He is also mentioned as “Nathaniel of Cana in Galilee” in (John 21:2). The name Nathaniel is the one used for him in St. John’s Gospel. The relationship between St. Philip and Nathaniel is noted as per John 1:43-51. Bartholomew (transliterated "Bartholomaios") comes from the Aramaic bar-Tôlmay, meaning son of Tolmay (Ptolemy) or son of the furrows (perhaps a ploughman).

According to the Synaxarium of the Coptic Orthodox Church [The Church of Alexandria, the ancient Church of Egypt, one of the Oldest in Christianity], his martyrdom is commemorated on the 1st day of the Coptic Calendar (1st day of the month of "Thout"), which currently falls on September 11 [this corresponds to August 29 in the Gregorian Calendar, due to the current 13 day offset between the Julian and Gregorian Calendars]. The festival in August has been a traditional occasion for markets and fairs, such as the Bartholomew Fair held in Smithfield, London since the Middle Ages that served as the scene for Ben Jonson's homonymous comedy.