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Other Names:
Saint Benjamin the Deacon
Date of Birth:
Date of Death:
Feast Day:
March 31

Not much is known about his earlier life and he spent most of his life in captivity due to his Christian faith.

Martyred for his beliefs, Saint Benjamin became the patron saint of preachers due to his inspiring story and faith in God.

from Wikipedia

Saint Benjamin was a deacon martyred circa 424 in Persia. St. Benjamin was executed during a period of persecution of Christians that lasted forty years and through the reign of two Persian kings: Isdegerd I, who died in 421, and his son and successor, Varanes V. King Varanes carried on the persecution with such great fury, that Christians were submitted to the most cruel tortures.

Benjamin was imprisoned a year for his Christian Faith, and later released with the condition that he abandon preaching or speaking of his religion. His release was obtained by the Eastern Roman Emperor Theodosius II through an ambassador. However, St. Benjamin declared that it was his duty to preach Christ and that he could not be silent. As a consequence, St. Benjamin was tortured mercilessly until his death in the year 424, specifically, "sharpened reeds [were] stuck under the nails of his fingers and toes."[1]

Saint Benjamin's feast day is celebrated on March 31 in the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Byzantine Rite Eastern Catholic Churches. He is mentioned also in the Roman Martyrology,[2] but has not been included in the General Roman Calendar.