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Other Names:
Birgitta Birgersdotter, Saint Bridget of Sweden, Saint Birgitta, Birgitta of Vadstena, Den Heliga Birgitta, The Holy Bridget
Date of Birth:
Date of Death:
July 23, 1373
Feast Day:
July 23

Saint Bridget was the founder of the Order of the Most Holy Savior, also called the Bridgettines.
In the end, Saint Bridget renounced her title “Princess” and opted to live a simple life dedicated to her Christian faith.

from Wikipedia

Bridget of Sweden (1303 – 23 July 1373; also Birgitta of Vadstena, Saint Birgitta (Swedish: den heliga Birgitta or Birgitta Birgersdotter), was a mystic and saint, and founder of the Bridgettines nuns and monks after the death of her husband of twenty years. She was also the mother of Catherine of Vadstena.

She is one of the six patron saints of Europe, together with Benedict of Nursia, Saints Cyril and Methodius, Catherine of Siena and Edith Stein.