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Other Names:
Pope Clement I, Clement of Rome, Clement Romanus
Date of Birth:
Date of Death:
around A.D. 101
Feast Day:
November 23

He was the fourth Pope of the church.

Represented in art as a Bishop with an anchor, or substutited by an anchor.

Clement of Rome St. Clement of Rome is believed to have been the fourth bishop of Rome and served during the last decade of the first century. Around 96, he sent a letter from the Church of Rome to the Church of Corinth, a major city in northeastern Greece and the site of St. Paul's evangelization. This letter, known as Clement's First Epistle to the Corinthians [DOC], is most likely directed against immoral practices of prostitution connected with the Temple of Aphrodite. In the letter, Clement expresses his dissatisfaction with events taking place in the Corinthian Church and asks the people to repent for their unchristian ways. The letter is important because it indicates that the author was acting as the head of the Christian Church and that it was centered in Rome. Clement was allegedly put to death under Emperor Domitian.