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Other Names:
Saint Kosmas and Damianos
Date of Birth:
3rd Century A.D.
Date of Death:
c. 287 A.D.
Feast Day:
September 26

Endured many trials and tribulations due to their belief in Christ, but they never wavered in their devotion.
Saints Cosmas and Damian were martyred due to their beliefs, and their story spread far and wide to many other countries.

from Wikipedia

Saints Cosmas and Damian (also written Kosmas and Damianos) (died ca. 287) were twin brothers, physicians, and early Christian martyrs born in Cilicia, part of today's Turkey. They practiced their profession in the seaport of Ayas, Adana, then in the Roman province of Syria. Accepting no payment for their services led to them being named "Unmercenary"; it has been said that, by this, they attracted many to the Christian faith.[1]