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Other Names:
Date of Birth:
Date of Death:
7th century
Feast Day:
May 15

Saint Dymphna was murdered by her own father.

The burial place of the remains of Saint Dymphna has long been attributed to cure mental illnesses for those who visit it.

from Wikipedia

Saint Dymphna (also: Dympna, Dimpna) was the daughter of a pagan Irish king and his Christian wife in the 7th century. She was murdered by her father. The story of St. Dymphna was first recorded in the thirteenth century by a canon of the Church of St. Aubert at Cambrai, commissioned by the Bishop of Cambrai, Guy I (12381247). The author expressly states that his writings were based upon a longstanding oral tradition and a persuasive history of inexplicable and miraculous healings of the mentally ill.[1]