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Other Names:
Saint Eadburh
Date of Birth:
c. 921 AD
Date of Death:
c. 960 AD
Feast Day:
June 15

She served all of her life as an abbess at the Nunnaminster, which is Saint Marys Abbey in Winchester.
A generous soul, Saint Edburga was known for performing numerous miracles throughout her lifetime.

from Wikipedia

Saint Eadburh (or Edburga) (died June 15, 960) was the daughter of King Edward the Elder of England and his third wife, Eadgifu of Kent. There is little contemporary information for her life, but in a Winchester charter dated 939, she appears as the beneficiary of land in Hampshire granted by her brother King Athelstan.[1]

She was a nun at, and possibly abbess of, the Nunnaminster in Winchester where she was buried. Following her canonisation in 972, some of her remains were transferred to Pershore Abbey in Worcestershire, which is dedicated to her. Her feast is celebrated June 15.

In the twelfth century, a Latin Life was written for her by Osbert de Clare, who became prior of Westminster in 1136 (and who also wrote a Life of King Edward the Confessor).[2] Her cult continued to flourish to judge by the Lives written in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries.