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Other Names:
Saint Edwin of Northumbria, Eadwine, Aduini
Northumbria (now South-East Scotland and Northern England)
Date of Birth:
circa 585 or 586
Date of Death:
October 632 or 633
Feast Day:
October 12

Converted to Christianity in 627 by Paulinus of York, and became the first Christian King of Northumbria.

Became a martyr in 633 after being slain at the battle of Hatfield Chase against Penda of Mercia and the Welsh Cadwallon.

from Wikipedia

Edwin (Old English: Eadwine; c. 586 – 12 October 632/633), also known as Eadwine or Æduini, was the King of Deira and Bernicia – which later became known as Northumbria – from about 616 until his death. He converted to Christianity and was baptised in 627; after he fell at the Battle of Hatfield Chase, he was venerated as a saint.

Edwin was the son of Ælle king of Deira and seems to have had (at least) two siblings. His sister Acha was married to Æthelfrith, king of neighbouring Bernicia. An otherwise unknown sibling fathered Hereric, who in turn fathered Abbess Hilda of Whitby and Hereswith, wife to Æthelric, the brother of king Anna of East Anglia.[1]