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Other Names:
“The Teacher of Irish Saints”, Finden, Finian, “Father of Irish Monasticism”
Date of Birth:
Date of Death:
Between 548 and 552
Feast Day:
December 12

Founded a school in Clonard where the “Twelve Apostles of Ireland” went to study and trained under him.

Desired perfect holiness in himself and others.

from Wikipedia

Saint Finnian of Clonard ('Cluain Eraird'), or Finian, 'Fionán' or 'Fionnán' in Irish, (470 - 549) was one of the early Irish monastic saints, who founded Clonard Abbey in modern-day County Meath. The Twelve Apostles of Ireland studied under him. Saint Finnian of Clonard (along with Saint Enda of Aran) is considered one of the fathers of Irish monasticism.[1]