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Other Names:
Saint Hubertus, Apostle of Ardennes
Date of Birth:
c. 656-658
Date of Death:
May 30, 727
Feast Day:
November 3

He had a phenomenal encounter with God that changed his life.

Saint Hubert is widely known for saving thousands of people from famine and death, as well as tending to their needs during that time.

from Wikipedia

Saint Hubertus or Hubert (born c. 656 to 658, probably in Toulouse; died 30 May 727 in Tervuren near Brussels, Belgium), called the "Apostle of the Ardennes" was the first Bishop of Liège. Hubertus is a Christian saint, the patron saint of hunters, mathematicians, opticians and metalworkers, and used to be invoked to cure rabies until the early 20th century through the use of the traditional St Hubert's Key. Saint Hubert was widely venerated in the Middle Ages. The iconography of his legend is entangled with the legend of St Eustace.

The Bollandists published seven early lives of this popular saint (Acta Sanctorum November, i. 759-930), the first being the work of a contemporary. Unfortunately, it is very sparing of details.