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Feastday: September 19
Patron of blood banks; Naples; volcanic eruptions

Other Names:
Gennaro of Naples
Date of Birth:
c. 3rd century
Date of Death:
c. 305 AD
Feast Day:
Western Christianity: September 19; Eastern Christianity: April 21

He was the Bishop of Benevento, Italy, during the Diocletian persecutions.

Saint Januarius is the patron saint of Naples.

He is famous for the yearly liquefaction of his blood sample, which is kept sealed in a glass container.

from Wikipedia

Januarius, Bishop of Naples, is a martyr saint of the Roman Catholic and the Eastern Orthodox Churches. While no contemporary sources on his life are preserved, later sources and legends claim that he died during the Diocletianic Persecution,[2] which ended with Diocletian's retirement in 305.

Januarius is the patron saint of Naples, where the faithful gather three times a year in Naples Cathedral to witness the alleged liquefaction of what is claimed to be a sample of his blood kept in a sealed glass ampoule.