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Other Names:
The Soldier Saint, Giovanni da Capistrano
Date of Birth:
June 24, 1386
Date of Death:
October 23, 1456
Feast Day:
October 23

Demonstrating his service and discipleship to God, Saint John used his faith as a catalyst to win a war.
Saint John travelled far and wide in his goal to teach people the word of God.

from Wikipedia

Saint John of Capistrano, O.F.M., (Italian: Giovanni da Capistrano, Hungarian: Kapisztrán János, Polish: Jan Kapistran, Croatian: Ivan Kapistran, Serbian: Jovan Kapistran) (June 24, 1386 – October 23, 1456) was a Franciscan friar and Catholic priest from Italy. Famous as a preacher, theologian, and inquisitor, he earned himself the nickname 'the Soldier Saint' when in 1456 at age 70 he led a crusade against the invading Ottoman Empire at the siege of Belgrade with the Hungarian military commander John Hunyadi.

Elevated to sainthood, he is the patron saint of jurists and military chaplains, as well as the namesake of the Franciscan missions San Juan Capistrano in Southern California and San Juan Capistrano in San Antonio, Texas.