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Other Names:
Sainte Reine, Reyne
Date of Birth:
3rd century AD
Date of Death:
c. 251 or 286
Feast Day:
September 7

Even through the pains of torture and temptations, Saint Regina never failed in her devotion to God.
She showed great faith until her last breath, leading to her martyrdom.

from Wikipedia

Saint Regina (Regnia, French: Sainte Reine) (3rd century) was a virgin martyr and saint of the Catholic Church. Regina was born in Autun, France, to a pagan named Clement. Her mother died at her birth and her father repudiated her. She then went to live with a Christian nurse who baptized her. Regina helped out by tending the sheep. She communed with God in prayer and meditated on the lives of the saints. She was betrothed to the proconsul Olybrius, but refused to renounce her faith to marry him, for which she was tortured and was beheaded at Alesia in the diocese of Autun, called Alise-Sainte-Reine after her.

Her martyrdom is considered to have occurred either during the persecution of Decius, in 251, or under Maximian in 286.