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Feastday: June 1
Patron Saint of Marown Parish

A Celtic bishop who promoted the faith in his native Cornwall, England, and in Brittany, France. Ronan is also associated with St. Rumon in some accounts.

Saint Rumon

St Rumon, also known as Ruan, Ronan, and Ruadan, was probably a brother of St Tudwal of Treguier, but nothing else is known of him beyond that he was probably an Irish missionary and many churches in Devon and Cornwall in England were named after him. Some authorities have identified him with St Ronan (June 1), venerated in Brittany, but others believe that he and St Kea were British monks who founded a monastery at Street Somerset.[citation needed] Feast day is August 28 or 30 (at Tavistock). The translation of St Rumon is celebrated on January 5.[3]