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Other Names:
Thomas of Aquin, Thomas of Aquino, Doctor Angelicus, Doctor Communis, Doctor Universalis, The Dumb Ox
Date of Birth:
Date of Death:
March 7, 1274
Feast Day:
January 28

Proclaimed a doctor of the Church in 1567.

Saint Thomas Aquinas was a hugely influential philosopher, and his influence extends to this day.

from Wikipedia

Thomas Aquinas, O.P. (Roccasecca, 1225 Fossanova, 7 March 1274), also Thomas of Aquin or Aquino, was an Italian Dominican priest of the Catholic Church, and an immensely influential philosopher and theologian in the tradition of scholasticism, known as Doctor Angelicus, Doctor Communis, or Doctor Universalis.[1] "Aquinas" is not a surname (hereditary surnames were not then in common use in Europe), but is a Latin adjective meaning "of Aquino", his place of birth. He was the foremost classical proponent of natural theology, and the father of Thomism. His influence on Western thought is considerable, and much of modern philosophy was conceived as a reaction against, or as an agreement with his ideas, particularly in the areas of ethics, natural law, metaphysics, and political theory.

Thomas is held in the Catholic Church to be the model teacher for those studying for the priesthood. The works for which he is best-known are the Summa Theologica and the Summa Contra Gentiles. As one of the 33 Doctors of the Church, he is considered the Church's greatest theologian and philosopher. Pope Benedict XV declared: "This (Dominican) Order ... acquired new luster when the Church declared the teaching of Thomas to be her own and that Doctor, honored with the special praises of the Pontiffs, the master and patron of Catholic schools."