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Customization and Design

Welcome to our cremation design and customization section. We specialize in the personalization and customization of your cremation urn by using our laser engraving professional craftsmen to provide many types of creative ways to personalize and memorialize your beautiful urn.

We offer many urns with appliques.The urn appliques that we provide are three-dimensional pieces of artwork that can be permanently adhered to the flat surface of a
cremation urn. Perhaps the applique can symbolize a significant time or memory in that person's life. It can also represent a part of their faith, passion, hobby or even associations that impacted their lives. With the applique, the urn can be showcased to celebrate the memories and or accomplishments of your loved one.

Browse through some of our samples that provide you with a few of our many options. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us.

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Memorial Urn Personalization

There are so many ways to personalize an Urn. The above are just a few samples. We can basically take a picture of your loved one and laser it into the wood. You can choose the special message with which you want to always remember your loved one. Perhaps it was a particular phrase, loving remark, or special image. We can laser your design and customize your urn to make it unique.

If you have any questions, email us at sales@memorialblessings.com