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The Loss of Your Pet - The bond and emotional connection that we form with animals can be very deep and fulfilling. The loss of a beloved pet can have a devastating impact on us that is as great, or even greater, than losing a family member or friend. This intense bond that we share with our pets is what makes our interactions rich and rewarding, but it is what makes the grieving process so difficult.

Just as everyone grieves in their own way, people may choose to honor their pet's life in different ways. While one person may prefer a memorial service or funeral for their pet, another may prefer to have a ceremony as a symbol of remembrance, such as a paw print cast in plaster, an urn, stone or a lock of hair. However you decide to honor your pet , it is very personal and part of the grieving process.

Remember to allow yourself time to grieve so that you can heal, and be most thankful that your life was enhanced by sharing it with your beloved pet.

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Bamboo Small  Urn Bamboo Small Urn
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