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Cremation Urns for Burial

Honor your loved ones’ last burial wishes with our collection of burial urns. Burial urns are equipped with a sealable or threaded top, enabling those urns for burial in ground without disturbance, with or without an urn vault. If extra protection is required, whether personal preference or cemetery directed, we offer vaults to fit all of our cemetery urns.

We carry cemetery urns in various materials such as brass, bronze, resin and natural stone. Our urns are offered in multiple shapes and sizes, as well as multiple price levels. Because each of our cemetery urns are shipped direct from the manufacturer, we’re able to offer free shipping and discounted pricing on all burial urn orders.

Engraving your funeral urn, for ashes of the deceased, adds a special touch of remembrance. Whether you choose to add a bereavement message, or a religious verse or symbol, we’re here to make sure your memorial urn showcases each special touch. Each of our burial urns are made of the highest quality, and designed to create a harmonious, safe resting place. To help you through this difficult time, we’re happy to coordinate shipment with your funeral center or ship directly to you. Please contact us with questions.

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Calcutta Brass Urn Calcutta Brass Urn
Price: $165.99
Genoa Brass Urn with Bronze Finish Genoa Brass Urn
Price: $235.99
Tuscany Blue Urn Tuscany Blue Urn
Price: $235.99
Tuscany Slate Urn Tuscany Slate Urn
Price: $235.99
Norfolk Pewter Urn Norfolk Pewter Urn
Price: $425.99