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The Loss of Your Pet
The bond and emotional connection that we form with animals can be very deep and fulfilling. The loss of a beloved pet can have a devastating impact on us that is as great, or even greater, than losing a family member or friend. This intense bond that we share with our pets is what makes our interactions rich and rewarding, but it is what makes the grieving process so difficult. The grief can seem to come in waves, and may be brought on more intensely by a sight or sound that jars your memory, making those memories sometimes difficult.

Just as everyone grieves in their own way, people may choose to honor their pet's life in different ways. While one person may prefer a memorial service or funeral for their pet, another may prefer to have a ceremony as a symbol of remembrance, such as a pawprint cast in plaster, an urn, stone or a lock of hair from your pet. Whichever way you decide to honor your pet and your life together is very personal and part of the grieving process.

Remember to allow yourself time to grieve so that you can heal, and be most thankful that your life was enhanced by sharing it with your beloved pet.

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Cremation Urns for Pet Companions

The loss of a beloved pet is just as painful as losing a loved one. Select a personalized pet cremation urn to display in your home. With several colors and materials, you can have a simple urn with a solid color or decorate it with paw prints running to heaven. Pet memorial urns can be as ornate as you desire. Some owners decorate the urn with jewelry, along with a dog or cat tag to remember happy times together.

Keepsake cremation urns for pets are also personal choices. If you want to keep your pet closer, we offer specialty pendants that can contain a bit of ashes. You pet will remain forever in and near your heart. Cremation urns for dogs are often larger than cat cremation urns, but both can have personalized photos attached to the front. A family picture with the pet is a sweet way to remember them.

Is there a specific question you have about our cremation urns for pets or need help choosing one? Send us an email at memorialblessings@gmail.com and we will be happy to get back to you.