Memorial Urns, Pet Urns, Jewelry Keepsakes & Sympathy Gifts

Even with adequate preparation, the loss of a loved one is an emotionally overwhelming event. By bringing together important aspects of burial and remembrance without overextending your expenses, we hope to assist you during this difficult time. Our goal is to help you make the important decisions you’re facing without adding an unnecessary financial burden.

Our selection of products includes various affordable burial and cremation containers, keepsakes for ashes, pet burial supplies and religious caskets. All of our products are shipped directly from the manufacturer and are never seconds. Our memorial gifts and keepsakes include gifts for the bereaved, beautiful outdoor memorials for the garden, religious mementos and jewelry.

We take pride that we are located in the United States and are able to provide you with high-quality funeral products at low costs. We offer fast shipping on all of our products, and free shipping on qualifying orders of $50 or more. If you have questions about our products, please contact us so we may help you during this difficult time.

Vase-Style Sea Green-Finish Brass Urn w/ Delicate Ripples & Matte Silver Neck Tuscany Blue Urn
Price: $235.99
Heavy-Gauge Brass Burial Urn with Bronze Coating and Threaded Lid Genoa Brass Urn
Price: $235.99