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Pretty Urns for the Home

Urns offer a beautiful way to display your loved one's remains. Whether you're interested in displaying your urn on a table, mantle or elsewhere, our distinguished creations are safe havens for remains until the end of time. We offer a range of products to suit your needs. A display urn designed to hold a small amount of ashes, or keepsake such as a lock of hair, provides an heartfelt way to remember your loved one. If you have a mantle waiting for your loved one, consider choosing a full-size porcelain or ceramic urn. Whole our selection of handpainted urns cannot be engraved, we offer various other urns that allow for an affordable engraving in one of five beautiful font options.

Memories consist of our most precious moments. When a loved one passes, celebrate their life by placing a memorial of them in a place for all to share. Whether by a fireplace, a shelf or in a special corner, our large selection of decorative urns will fit any decor in your home. Keep your memories of that life alive and vibrant in your home or anywhere that you care to place a memorial.
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Calcutta Brass Urn Calcutta Brass Urn
Price: $165.99
Willow Ceramic Urn Willow Ceramic Urn
Price: $174.99
Genoa Brass Urn with Bronze Finish Genoa Brass Urn
Price: $235.99
Tuscany Blue Urn Tuscany Blue Urn
Price: $235.99
Tuscany Slate Urn Tuscany Slate Urn
Price: $235.99
Norfolk Pewter Urn Norfolk Pewter Urn
Price: $425.99